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Enforcing Your Assumptions About Database Functionality

When you are writing xUnit tests you are in certain ways trying to make sure that the test breaks when the code that is being tested changes the assumptions you made when writing the Test and Production code.

Similarly if you are relying on the database to throw a error when you put invalid data, then you should write a test around this assumption, so that when someone changes the database to not behave the way you assumed it to behave, the test you wrote will break and it will force the team to think about the change to the database that is being undertaken. If the change is really required, then the team would fix the test else rollback the change being made.

My Latest eBook Is Out

After finishing the first Refactoring Databases book. I started on a short ebook project, this book was going to tackle on a very specific technical topic mentioned in the first book. I wanted to write about all the specific scenarios and all the techniques I follow on the various projects.


Last week I was at SD Best Practices in Moscow, doing a presentation on “Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design”. Moscow seems like a interesting place, loads of huge buildings, squares, fountains and roads. Things some how feel rundown, feels like a player trying to regain his former ability or glory.

Promoting Thoughtworks

I have been working at ThoughtWorks for 8 years now, its a fun place to work. Reason I’m blogging about this, ThoughtWorks is hiring in the US, UK, Australia, India, China and Canada. So go ahead send your resume to

Winning a Award

Last week I received the good news. The book I co-authored with Scott Ambler won the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award in the Technical Books category. I was dumb enough not to attend the awards ceremony and receive the award, anyway when I started on the book project couple of years back I was afraid if the book would do justice to the Martin Fowler signature series, under which this book appears. The Jolt award award and all the comments I have received from many people in the last year, put me at easy, give me the feeling that finally I can relax and not worry about letting down Martin’s signature series.

Nulls Need Special Love

The following SELECT statement in code

stmt = DB.prepare("select id,name,state,zip " +
        "from customer " +
        "where " +
        "phone = ? " +
        "and active = ?");
stmt.setString(1, customerPhone);
stmt.setBoolean(2, isActive);

Data Quality and Code Quality

Recently we had peculiar problem. Some of the data in the database was not being created in a proper fashion. Once we found that out we fixed the problem in the application. The customer still had the perception that the code is still broken, because the fixed code was now interacting with the data that was broken (since it was created much earlier by code that was broken). Data has a life of its own (more on this later)

Implementing Make Column Non Nullable

While working on a Legacy Application with Legacy Database design as part of fixing a bug, I thought this bug would not have ever happened if a particular column was defined as Non Nullable since this particular column was the identifier to the parent table.

Database Testing Revisited

Some time ago I wrote about what it means to do database testing.. more I think about this and having had some strange situations recently I want to add more to the list of things we should be testing.