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Data and its implications on software design and development.

Kids Teaching International Relations

You learn a lot from kids, and this lesson I will never forget.

So I’m at Lyon (in France) airport and there are a couple of kids (4-5 year olds) playing in the airport play area which had slides, call these two kids TA and TB my daughter call her AA joins these kids and they all start playing with the slide.

Database Migration Utility

I have taken up the hobby of searching the opensource landscape for tools that help me do Agile database development. I’m going to write about all the Tools that I come across that help me, my preference is opensource software but not limited to it. I will try to provide some sound examples and share my experiences with all that tools that I come across and share the example code I used.

Migrate DB


I had been on vacation for sometime. Started back work and getting connected with work and life again.

Move Your DBAs to the Project Team Locations

Many IT organizations I have seen have groups of specialists, typical are UNIX Group, DBA group etc.

When a project starts the developers on the project have to meet with all the Groups (I have more experience with the DBA group, so I write with the DBA group in mind) that they need to interact with and explain to the groups their design, the projects operational needs and other requirements, later when development starts they have to email these groups about all the setup that needs to be done and also the day to day changes that are needed. This way of working slows down the productivity of the team and the organization.

Database Testing

What does it mean to test your Database? usually when someone mentions database testing, what is that they want to test. The application code that interacts with the database, or the sql code the resides in the database like stored procedures and triggers etc. I see all these aspects to database testing as important.

Automated Tablespace Deployment

In development mode you don’t want to worry about which table goes into what Tablespace in production as it complicates development environments. The production DBA’s want to have their input and control over deciding what table goes into what Tablespace. To allow for this I used a mapping scheme as shown below.

The Day I Received My Book

This last week I received my copies of the book, for the first time I could touch what I had worked on for almost a year and half now, I could see it flip the pages. When I opened the UPS box and saw the book for the first time it felt great but in a minute or two I was not feeling anything, after some tea and some walking around I took the book in my hands and started flipping the pages this is when the real feeling started to sink in, but still I was not sure of the situation, was not really sure if it was real, after about 2-3 hours when I saw the book and held the book and started reading, I was started feeling the joy the happiness and all the goodness. I think when I see it being read by others then I will feel a lot different, the other day I saw Nick take out the book out of his backpack I was thrilled to see it being read.

To Allow NULLs or NOT

In any greenfield application (existing production application is a topic for another post). When you design table(s) lets say you have Item and Manufacturer table as shown below

ManufacturerID NUMBER,
Name VARCHAR2(128),
              PRIMARY KEY (ItemID)

CREATE TABLE Manufacturer
(ManufacturerID NUMBER NOT NULL,
Name VARCAHR2(128),
              PRIMARY KEY (ManufacturerID)


Why is that many a time I say something and the person hears something else.

I have been wondering is it me or is it just the way people listen or interpret my words. How can I communicate better, making it easier for myself and cause less of an hassle for myself and all the ones around me.

When I get to the bottom of this, it will be one heck of an achivement.

Refactoring Data

Many a times Refactoring is talked about in the context of code, recently I finished working with Scott Ambler on Database Refactoring

Lately I have been working on changing data in an production database, and have been wondering how do I define it, Data Refactoring? what are the patterns of Data Refactoring. First let me talk about what I mean by Data Refactoring.