The day I received my Book

Posted by Pramod Sadalage on Sunday, March 26, 2006

This last week I received my copies of the book, for the first time I could touch what I had worked on for almost a year and half now, I could see it flip the pages. When I opened the UPS box and saw the book for the first time it felt great but in a minute or two I was not feeling anything, after some tea and some walking around I took the book in my hands and started flipping the pages this is when the real feeling started to sink in, but still I was not sure of the situation, was not really sure if it was real, after about 2-3 hours when I saw the book and held the book and started reading, I was started feeling the joy the happiness and all the goodness. I think when I see it being read by others then I will feel a lot different, the other day I saw Nick take out the book out of his backpack I was thrilled to see it being read.