Move your DBAs to the Project team locations

Posted by Pramod Sadalage on Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Many IT organizations I have seen have groups of specialists, typical are UNIX Group, DBA group etc.

When a project starts the developers on the project have to meet with all the Groups (I have more experience with the DBA group, so I write with the DBA group in mind) that they need to interact with and explain to the groups their design, the projects operational needs and other requirements, later when development starts they have to email these groups about all the setup that needs to be done and also the day to day changes that are needed. This way of working slows down the productivity of the team and the organization.

What I have found works best is when one of the member (this member could/should be rotated) of the DBA group is placed on the development team. When that happens, the team has a expert on hand they can ask him all kinds of questions, run different scenarios, design options by him, the member of the DBA group will also understand in depth what is happening on the team, what are their needs and how to tackle them, it also makes use of his link back to the group (since he is part of the DBA group, the DBA group is more likely to not ask any questions of the requirements/issues raised by him), since he knows all the members of his group, he can communicate better with the DBA group and make the tasks easier for the development team and also make it easier on the DBA group to execute the tasks expected of them. DBA’s will also learn a lot from this, since now they are not sitting behind the email wall and guessing about the needs of the teams.