Refactoring Data

Posted by Pramod Sadalage on Thursday, January 19, 2006

Many a times Refactoring is talked about in the context of code, recently I finished working with Scott Ambler on Database Refactoring

Lately I have been working on changing data in an production database, and have been wondering how do I define it, Data Refactoring? what are the patterns of Data Refactoring. First let me talk about what I mean by Data Refactoring.

When a given application goes into production, and starts life as a live application we find bugs with the application, these bugs create a weird data in the database, also with the way people change data through the app and some times through the database (yikes) and these data changes do lead to bad data. How do you go about fixing these data problems, are there patterns to these fixes.

Well as I work through this I think I will have some thing to report on or maybe its such a situational problem that maybe there are no patterns to this.