Perfectly good data.. wasted

Posted by Pramod Sadalage on Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay this is kind of a rant, maybe I’m too picky or just that I hate to see perfectly good data not being used. This is how it goes..

I go regularly to this store to get Horizon organic milk for my family, about 60% of the time I see milk I need NOT in stock, okay I can live with that, may be lots of folks are buying organic milk, but not when it happens frequently, especially when the store knows how much milk was ordered (or supplied from the warehouse) and how much milk was sold, the store should be able to figure out that organic milk gets sold out pretty fast, putting my Business Intelligence (BI) hat on, I think the store should be able to predict when they are going to run out of organic milk ( for that matter any product), its especially frustrating when they have all the data they need to get it done.

One more non usage of data that really makes me red is, when the organic milk in the store is already expired (past the sell by date). I mean how hard is it for someone to generate a list of all the products that expire today and ask the store associates to remove them from the shelves by the end of the day, especially when its edible items.