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Move your DBAs to the Project team locations

Many IT organizations I have seen have groups of specialists, typical are UNIX Group, DBA group etc. When a project starts the developers on the project have to meet with all the Groups (I have more experience with the DBA group, so I write with the DBA group in mind) that they need to interact with and explain to the groups their design, the projects operational needs and other requirements, later when development starts they have to email these groups about all the setup that needs to be done and also the day to day changes that are needed.

Refactoring Data

Many a times Refactoring is talked about in the context of code, recently I finished working with Scott Ambler on Database Refactoring Lately I have been working on changing data in an production database, and have been wondering how do I define it, Data Refactoring? what are the patterns of Data Refactoring. First let me talk about what I mean by Data Refactoring. When a given application goes into production, and starts life as a live application we find bugs with the application, these bugs create a weird data in the database, also with the way people change data through the app and some times through the database (yikes) and these data changes do lead to bad data.