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Database Migration Utility

Database migration framework

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I have taken up the hobby of searching the opensource landscape for tools that help me do Agile database development. I’m going to write about all the Tools that I come across that help me, my preference is opensource software but not limited to it. I will try to provide some sound examples and share my experiences with all that tools that I come across and share the example code I used.

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This last week I received my copies of the book, for the first time I could touch what I had worked on for almost a year and half now, I could see it flip the pages. When I opened the UPS box and saw the book for the first time it felt great but in a minute or two I was not feeling anything, after some tea and some walking around I took the book in my hands and started flipping the pages this is when the real feeling started to sink in, but still I was not sure of the situation, was not really…

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