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8 Techniques for testing migration of data from legacy systems

Many of the projects we end up working on are replacing existing systems with existing data either wholly or in part. In all of the above projects we end up writing data migration or data conversion code to move the data from legacy systems to the new systems. Many stake holders of the project such as business users, project managers, business analysts really care about the data conversion scripts and the quality of the conversion.

Migrations in NoSQL databases

In relational database usage the pattern of migrations is well understood and has gained widespread acceptance. Frameworks such as DBDeploy, DBMaintain, MyBatis migrations, Flyway, Liquibase, Active Record Migrations and many others. These tools allow to migrate the database and maintain the version history of the database in the database. With the rise of NoSQL Databases and their adoption in development teams we are faced with the problem of migrations in NoSQL databases.