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Return to blogging after book project

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{% img right /static/images/nosql.jpg 200 167 Nosql Distilled %} There has been a long pause in my blogging activity. I was trying to finish of my latest writing engagement in regards to NoSQL. Working with Martin Fowler on NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence was really fun. This book will provide a concise text and easy way to understand for everyone the rise of the NoSQL movement and help with what kinds of trade-offs need to be made while working with…

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ThoughtWorks is going to be at Oracle Open World. I’m excited about this especially since it will give ThoughtWorks and Me to talk about software practices and how to apply these software practices to the database development world, off course I will talk about my books Refactoring Databases and Continuous Database Integration. ThoughtWorks will have a booth at “343 Moscone South” and I will be there on Nov 14.

Winning a award

Winning JOLT productivity award

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Last week I received the good news. The book I co-authored with Scott Ambler won the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award in the Technical Books category. I was dumb enough not to attend the awards ceremony and receive the award, anyway when I started on the book project couple of years back I was afraid if the book would do justice to the Martin Fowler signature series, under which this book appears. The Jolt award award and all the comments I have received from many people in the last year, put me at…


How to improve Learning

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Why is that many a time I say something and the person hears something else.

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