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Moved my blog to octopress

Its been about a month since my blog moved to octopress, wanted to write about my experience. I had been running my blog for a some time now using Movable Type upgrading as and when new versions where released. Over time I realized that upgrading was fraught with errors as lot of steps had to be done manually. Customizing the layout was risky as there was no way to preview your changes and commit only when I was comfortable. With the release of Movable Type 6 there is no longer a free version to download.

Back to blogging

There has been a long pause in my blogging activity. I was trying to finish of my latest writing engagement in regards to NoSQL. Working with Martin Fowler on NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence was really fun. This book will provide a concise text and easy way to understand for everyone the rise of the NoSQL movement and help with what kinds of trade-offs need to be made while working with NoSQL.

Workshop at Enterprise Data World 2010

Doing a workshop on Agile Database Development at Enterprise Data World 2010 at SF. See you there.

Presentation on Database Refactoring

My Presentation on Database Refactoring at QCon was recorded and is live now on infoQ here

Japanese Version released

Japanese translation of “Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design” has been released, thanks to Yasuo Honda for the information. The Japanese version can be found here

Tool support for Database Refactoring

I’m always on the lookout for better tool support to do database refactoring. Just noticed that LiquiBase has come out with a IntelliJ plugin to support database refactoring. This is really cool and hopefully one of long list of tools that will support database refactoring in the future. so enjoy

Podcast on Keeping Gray code Fit

Me, Andy, Jeff and Marjorie discuss how to keep a long running project fit in this Podcast, also on itunes. We discuss the management of technology, people, processes and tools on longer and more mature applications. Specific topics such as refactoring, knowledge management, innovation, staffing, production support and others are covered.

Cannot make it out to XP Day London

After a lot of frustration about my schedule, I have had to come to this conclusion, that I cannot physically make it to London, XP day. I’m going to miss it. Nick Ashley is going to take up my spot and I know he will do a great job.

ThoughtWorks at Oracle Open World

ThoughtWorks is going to be at Oracle Open World. I’m excited about this especially since it will give ThoughtWorks and Me to talk about software practices and how to apply these software practices to the database development world, off course I will talk about my books Refactoring Databases and Continuous Database Integration. ThoughtWorks will have a booth at “343 Moscone South” and I will be there on Nov 14.

ThoughtWorks Master class series in India

I will be presenting about Evolutionary Database Design and Database Refactoring at ThoughtWorks Master Class Series 2007 at Bangalore on May 19th and Pune on May 26. This will be the first time I will be presenting in India. The Master Class Series is an annual seminar organized by ThoughtWorks India. It focuses on topics which are cutting edge, but the content of the seminars is drawn from real-life experiences on live projects.